Information for Non-Members

The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club welcomes new members who have an interest in yachting, from the afternoon boater to the competitive racer, as well as both power and sail cruisers.

New members are introduced to the club through current club members. The process takes approximately three months, starting with an interview during which you’ll be asked about your past yachting experience and desire for joining the RVYC. Your photo and information is displayed in the club for members to view during the waiting period, after which the Executive Committee votes on the new member.  

Once the vote is complete and the entrance fee is received, all new members receive a welcome letter and guide to the club. It’s exciting to be a part of the club and we invite you to introduce yourself to members and staff and to not hesitate to ask questions from either.

For those who are new to the city and/or don’t already know current members of RVYC, we invite you to contact to request information regarding introductions.