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Today's Lunch Specials
Find out today's delicious specials in the Marine Lounge

Friday Lunch Specials



Lobster season is upon us and RVYC is working with single-source

supplier La Renaissance des Îles. Shipped fresh overnight,

this lobster may be the best tasting in the world.


Harvested in the cold waters along the coast of

the Gulf of St. Lawrence’s archipelago, the Magdalen Islands,

in the rocky sea bottom, the lobster, a.k.a. King of the Sea,

is a staple in the life of Madelinots, as well as in Gros-Cap.


Sushi Combo (Served Until 2 pm)

salmon avocado roll, tuna nigiri,
mackerel nigiri, chopped scallop nigiri  16


Halibut Fish and Chips
tartar sauce, coleslaw 18


Lobster Roll

chive mayo, cilantro, buttered bun  18


Braised Lamb Chops
herbed rice, baba ganoush, buttered asparagus  14


Salad of the Day
marinated chicken thigh, mixed greens, quinoa, cucumber,

papaya, dijon dressing  12

Sandwich of the Day
fresh turkey, swiss cheese, pear, cranberry mayo,

on toasted sourdough bread  12

Soup of the Day
smoked cheese and ham  4

Dessert of the Day
sticky toffee pudding, espresso flake gelato  6