Dress Code

It is the responsibility of members to inform their guests and visitors of the Dress Code and Club courtesies.

The General Manager or most senior staff person on duty at the time will have the right to determine what is/is not appropriate, which may result in refusal of entry in the building or a reminder to the member, following the visit, of the policy.

The Club expects that Members and guests will be appropriately attired at all times.
Designer clothing does not automatically constitute appropriate attire.

Inappropriate attire includes, but is not limited to: tank tops, halter tops, crop tops, torn clothing (clothing with holes or frayed ends), clothing with offensive or profane language, and provocative or revealing clothing. Shoes must be worn at all times. Hats may only be worn on the patios. These rules are adjusted from time to time through the year. Any ‘trial period’ changes will be published on the Club website under Information and Resources. The following requirements must be observed:

main dining room

Jacket and tie for men (except on Friday nights when the requirement is a jacket, but no tie). Appropriate wear for ladies. Sunday Buffet is business casual – no denim, no shorts. Jacket and tie are not required at the Sunday Buffet.

Marine Lounge (West Section, Upper Level)

The West Section of the Marine Lounge is intended to be a quieter area of the top floor with a somewhat elevated atmosphere. Business casual dress; no denim, work clothes, shorts, collarless shirts or running shoes. 

Model Room and Sun Deck (East Section, Upper Level)

Neat boating attire at all times. No coveralls, objectionable jeans, brief or indecent shorts, or wet sailing clothes. 

Star & Dragon and Mermaid Inn

Neat boating attire required at all times.

Outerwear (coats and jackets) may not be hung on the backs of chairs in any of the Club’s dining areas and shall be hung in the closets outside the Accounts office on the Lower Level, the cloakroom by the Front Door on the Main Level, or the wardrobe area immediately to the left of the entrance to the Library on the Upper Level.

Wet weather clothes, coveralls, sailing bags, etc., are not permitted above the lower floor at any time. Briefcases, umbrellas and furs may be checked in at the Reception office.

Should a member or their guests be attired contrary to the dress code, RVYC management will do their best to provide options. There are a limited number of jackets, ties and other options available at the front desk for loan. 

(updated November 2016)