RVYC chronicles

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club has well over a century of history – a history of which we are justifiably proud. In one way or another that history has been documented in printed form. Today we have our monthly issues of Seabreeze and our annual issues of our Yearbook. This information is supplemented, and possibly being supplanted, by information available on our website – such as this presentation of our Annals.

Our History Committee has consolidated our story and published the information in four major steps. The first step was the annals covering the years from 1903 through 1965. This was extended by a supplement covering the years 1966 through 1970. A second volume of the Annals was produced to cover the years 1971 through 1985.

The information in the three print documents is reproduced in six downloadable files (see below).

The information is presented in PDF format and requires suitable software to open and read it. Adobe Reader is available for free at http://get.adobe.com/reader. The files are “bookmarked” and “searchable”. If you open one of the files there will be an icon near the upper left corner that resembles a piece of blue ribbon. Clicking on this will display the list of bookmarks and clicking on any of the bookmarks will take you to the relevant page in the file. In Mozilla Firefox, to search the document, go to the "edit" tab and then select "find" (the search box will likely be in the bottom left of your screen). Then type in an appropriate word in the blue box near the upper right hand corner and then click on "next". If the word exists in the file, you will be taken to the first instance of it.

Section 1 - Club History, Part 1 (1903 - 1970)

This part of the story begins with the arrival of the first Europeans to what is now English Bay in 1791; continues through the formation of the Vancouver Yacht Club; through two World Wars and concludes in 1970, by which time Royal Vancouver Yacht Club had grown to include about 1800 members, including a strong Junior contingent, an excellent club house, two home port marinas and two offshore stations.

Section 2 - History, Part 2 (1971 - 1985)
This part picks up our story in the year 1971 and carries through to 1985. In those fifteen years, the Club had grown from what had been considered a near-capacity 1800 members to nearer 3000. The number of offshore stations had increased from two to five. The Jericho Clubhouse had undergone a major renovation and upgrade. Sailing and power boat activities had increased. The Vic-Maui Race had become firmly established. The Commodore’s Cup Regatta was established in 1985 and we appeared likely to be sending our sailors to the Olympics for the first time in over twenty years. The Club was becoming a significant force within the regional and world yachting fraternity.

Section 3 - Racing
This section includes information drawn from all three volumes and so, information in this section is not as consistently presented as in the “History” sections. Cruising by sail and power are covered in this section and there is some information on predicted log racing. Much of the section is devoted to accounts of particular events or classes, such as Vic-Maui or the Dragon Class.

Section 4 - Yachts
This section also includes information drawn from all three volumes and so information in this section is inconsistently presented. The contents of this section are drawn from four chapters of the 1903-1965 Annals, one chapter of the supplement and two chapters of the 1971-1985 Annals. Most of the information is presented in what one would consider a reasonable format for doing so but the information from Chapter 3 of the 1971-1985 Annals is very odd. This list combines sail and power vessels alphabetically, names the type of vessel and lists the years in which the respective names appeared in Yearbooks, without reference to who owned the vessels. Most curious…

Section 5 - Members (accessible to logged in members only)
This section is compiled from two chapters of the 1903-1965 Annals and one from the 1971-1985 Annals. From the earlier volume we have presentations on Junior Members and Honorary Life Members. From the later volume we have what was essentially a membership list from the year 1985, except that Affiliate Spouses are included in the list, despite that they are not, and never were, Members for the purposes of the Society Act and are named separately in the Yearbooks of the day.

Section 6 - Miscellaneous
There is not much to say about this section. It comprises part of three chapters from the annals relating to our participation in other yachting organizations. The fourth, and by far the major, part of this section includes the 206 pages related to our trophies. Because of idiosyncrasies in the manner of indexing trophies, searching this part of the archive can be awkward.