Dining at RVYC

Our facilities welcome members and their guests. If you are visiting us as the guest of a member of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club at one of our facilities or attending a function (or are a member of one of our reciprocal partners), please review our Visitor Policy and Dress Code.


Marine Lounge Lunch Menu | Marine Lounge Dinner Menu | Star & Dragon Menu

Coal Harbour

Mermaid Inn

A fixture at our Coal Harbour home port, the Mermaid Inn is open from 0830 hrs through 1600 hrs daily. Mermaid staff whip up daily features for breakfast and lunch with efficiency and a smile. The ambiance of having the Stanley Park Seawall to one side and the killer view of Coal Harbour and Vancouver's scenic downtown is as unique as watching the seaplanes land and take off and offering sustenance as a break from working on your boat.


Marine Lounge & Model Room

Boasting one of the best decks in the city (but we might be a little biased), the Upper Deck, Marine Lounge and Model Room comprise the majority of the top level of the Club for your dining and entertaining pleasure. Open for lunch and dinner daily, with changing specials for every meal service, your tastebuds will welcome the variety of dishes on our menus. The first-come, first seated policy takes the stress out of having to honour reservations. The Marine Lounge is where our Tuesday Pasta Night takes place as well as the Friday Night Buffet. The carnivores amongst our membership also have such a fondness for our Prime Rib Nights, we have them on Fridays AND Saturdays. We would like to remind guests that the top level of the Clubhouse is a licensed area (including the meeting rooms) - no minors are permitted.

Main Dining Room

A popular venue for larger family or corporate gatherings, when not in use for third-party events, the Main Dining Room is THE choice for members and their guests for seasonal buffets such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. The food is always extraordinary, the wine list perfectly paired with the variety of dishes on offer, and the service gracious and attentive.

Members' Dining Room

If your aim is to impress, members can take advantage of the options on our Fine Dining menu. This gorgeous room in the northeast section of the Main Dining Room on the Main level of the Clubhouse is by reservation only (lunch and dinner) and seats 16 people comfortably.

Star & Dragon

Prized by sailors, sports enthusiasts, and families, this down-to-earth restaurant with its open kitchen, television and children's play area (on opposite sides of the restaurant), and spacious patio ensure that no matter your reason for being there, you will find your needs met. Open for lunch and dinner during the week, this bright and airy ground-level restaurant is where the Children's Buffet happens every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening, as well as our delicious weekend à la carte breakfast menu is served. The Junior Room (where our younger members have their own area to study, socialise, watch television) is adjacent to the restaurant, so irrespective of the age of children, parents and family can have 'me-time' while their children are safely occupied nearby.