Cortes Bay

Cortes Bay is an Offshore Station for members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club only and not open to members of the public. Please visit our Membership page if you are interested in becoming a member.

: Dave Cramb
Station Managers: Jenny Hartwick
Rear Commodore Offshore Stations Don Vick

Click here for the Cortes Bay Information Brochure (1.18 MB PDF)

  • About Cortes Bay
    • Cortes Bay is our most northerly outstation, conveniently located at the entrance to beautiful Desolation Sound, 96 nm NW of Jericho Home Port. The property includes 1,200’ of waterfront and two parcels of land totalling 19 acres. 1,600 lineal feet of dock space is serviced by water and hydro. An attractive pavilion, with spacious decks, is equipped with a barbecue, a freezer, refrigerator, microwave, toilets, showers, and laundry facilities. Four kayaks and four bicycles on site. Amenities other than the Club’s are limited near this outstation.

      The island does not have a taxi service. Cortes Market, Co-op, Medical Centre, Community Hall and restaurants are a considerable distance from the Club (8 km/ about an hour walk), but many members do hike, bike or hitchhike (very common on the Island) to get there and back. (Maps are posted in the Clubhouse.) The Linnea Farm is about an hour walk from the Club and generally has an honour system booth open for fresh produce.

      All work party type maintenance and development is necessarily carried out during the summer months by visiting members. Check with any committee member to see what you can help with during your stay.

      The property can also be accessed by charter floatplane service from Vancouver (fly in at the Government Dock just south of the outstation). Cars can travel to the outstation by taking BC Ferries from Campbell River to Quadra Island to Cortes Island. The property is at 1351 Manzanita Road.

      Due to the significant travel time to and from Vancouver, pre-cruising season work parties are few. Therefore, the Cortes Bay Committee often relies on Club Members to support or participate in various maintenance activities during the course of the cruising season.

      Things to do: Prawns, clams and oysters are fairly plentiful outside the entrance to the Bay. Hiking is popular: there are two fresh water lakes on the island and Easter Bluff (highest point on Cortes) is about 45 minutes away.

  • Where is Cortes Bay
    • Where is Cortes Bay?

      This information serves as a guide only and is no substitute for proper navigational charts or data.

      Approximate Coordinates: 50.0650854 / -124.9355512,17

      Launching Ramp

      In Cortes Bay.

  • Cautionary Notes
    • Members are reminded that marinas stand by on Channel 66a. It is requested that good judgment and consideration be exercised by members when using this channel: it is a busy channel and marina owners depend on its availability.

      A Note Of Caution:

      Vessels must take great care when approaching Cortes Bay. Near Three Islets, about 1,500 metres outside the entrance to the Bay, a number of submerged rocks form a particular hazard. Check your charts!

      Also, the approaches to Cortes Bay are subject to unusual wind conditions. Occasionally winds which are either calm or only moderately strong elsewhere can blow with exceptional fury (from either the southeast or the west) in the immediate vicinity of the harbour entrance. It is not unusual for boats which are moored or anchored in Cortes Bay to find themselves trapped here for several days by what seems to be ferocious wind conditions outside, when in actual fact only moderate winds are blowing at Lund or Refuge Cove. Entrance into the Bay should be made to the south of the starboard marker atop a rock in the middle of the narrow approach channel. Rocks between this marker and the northern shoreline are hidden except near low tide.

      Proceed with caution when rounding the west end of the floats at low tide as there is a gravel bank extending out from the shoreline.

      Please use extreme caution when entering or leaving Cortes Bay as the entrance is a blind spot for pilots of seaplanes as well as boats rounding past Red Granite Point.

  • Local Businesses
    • Food, Groceries & Liquor

      Cortes Market (250) 935-6626
      Squirrel Cove General Store (250) 935-6327
      Gorge Harbour Marina (250) 935-6433
      Cortes Co-Op (also a Bakery & Restaurant, but no liquor) (250) 935-8577


      Ambulance / Fire Rescue: 911 ~ Non-emergency: (Campbell River) (250) 286-1155
      Cortes Medical Clinic (250) 935-6718 ~ open 5 days a week, locum doctor in attendance


      Limited supply at Cortes Medical Clinic (250) 935-6718

      Internet Café

      Cortes Market (250) 935-6626
      Cortes Co-Op (250) 935-8577


      Cove Restaurant (at Squirrel Cove) (250) 935-6350
      Floathouse Restaurant (at Gorge Harbour) (250) 935-6631
      Hollyhock Retreat (250) 935-6576 (seasonal operation; call in advance to ensure they're open)
      Cortes Co-Op (250) 935-8577


      Water Taxi (604) 483-9749 (service available from Lund and Campbell River)
      Corilair (250) 287-8371 (scheduled & charter services)
      Harbour Air 1 (800) 665-0212 (toll-free)


      Cortes Motel (250) 935-6363
      Gorge Marina Resort (250) 935-6433
      Hollyhock Retreat (250) 935-6576


      ATMs / Cashpoints are available at the Cortes Co-Op and the Cortes Market.


      Gorge Harbour Marina (250) 935-6433
      Provincial Park at Smelt Bay

      Propane & Fuel

      Squirrel Cove General Store (250) 935-6327

      Scuba Diver

      Mike Moore (250) 935-6756 or (250) 935-6749
      Mac (250) 935-6327 or (250) 935-0305


      Lund Auto & Outboard Mechanic (604) 483-4612

  • Rules For Cortes Bay
    • Rules for Cortes Bay (as per 2018 yearbook)

      The General Rules for Offshore Stations apply with the following specific to station additions:

      1. Members shall not exceed five knots within Cortes Bay and must always attempt to minimise their wake. This rule shall not apply to dinghies, provided they are operated in a quiet, safe, and courteous manner.

      2. The premises must be left in a clean and orderly fashion.

      3. Report any damage, misuse, or potential problems to the Mayor or the Rear Commodore Offshore Stations as soon as possible. Cortes Bay does not have an on-site, live-in Station Manager. Cortes Bay is subject to occasional strong easterly winds which occur on short notice.

      4. No boat shall remain unattended overnight during the Cruising Season as space is limited.

      5. Parking is limited to the designated areas.

      6. Campers and house trailers are not permitted.

      7. No member shall wash a boat or replenish an on board water supply utilised for washing a boat using water from shore. Water is from a well and must be used conservatively, particularly when the floats are substantially occupied.

      8. Garbage and recyclable material may be left in the designated containers at the top of the property. It must be compacted and properly bagged as pickup is limited.

      9. There is a reciprocal arrangement between Seattle Yacht Club (across Cortes Bay) and Royal Vancouver Yacht Club which permits visitation and dinghy moorage. Please welcome guests from SYC and feel comfortable visiting their station by dinghy.

      10. Two (2) tent pads are available on a first-come booking basis to Active, Associate, Intermediate, Post-Secondary, Special, Life, and Honorary Life members. Each eligible member may book one (1) tent pad for up to seven (7) consecutive days. Tent pads are raised wood platforms; dimensions of each are approximately 15' x 15'.

      11. Tents are not provided and the largest tent size the space can accommodate is approximately 15' x 15'.

      12. Tent pad area must be left clean and orderly.

      Proceed with caution when rounding the west end of the floats at low tide as there is a gravel bank extending out from the shoreline. Also, use extreme caution when entering or leaving Cortes Bay as the entrance is a blind spot for pilots of seaplanes as well as boats rounding past Red Granite Point.

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