Scott Point

Scott Point is an Offshore Station for members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club only and not open to members of the public. Please visit our Membership page if you are interested in becoming a member.

: Bob Matthews
Station Managers: Pam Green & Andrew Teeple
Rear Commodore Offshore Stations Don Vick

For information about the Lady J Sailboat Member-only Program, please visit their website.

Click here for the Scott Point Information Brochure (1.60MB PDF)

• Canada Day Cruise (July)
• Labour Day Cruise (August/September)

  • About Scott Point
    • Located in Long Harbour on Saltspring Island, 37 nm SW from Jericho Home Port, this outstation is a very popular family haunt. A pavilion, horseshoe pitch, table tennis, bikes, kayaks, children’s playground and swimming pool provide diverse attractions for Members. There are a couple of short hiking trails on the property to explore.

      Wi-Fi is available in the cabins and marina.

      Taxi service is available to stores and the farmers’ market nearby in Ganges.

      • Amber Cab Co.: 250.537.3277
      • Silver Shadow Taxi: 250.537.3030

      The 150’ x 450’ waterlot, protected by a breakwater, provides 2,600’ of dock space with 30 amp power and water for filling water tanks. Scott Point is accessible by ferry from the mainland and Vancouver Island.

  • Scott Point Important Information
    • Dock Space

      There is a lot of dock space at Scott Point. However, Members should still try to minimise space between vessels when space is getting tight. Try to keep ‘H’, ‘J’, ‘K’ docks for larger vessels until other space has been used. ‘A’ dock is for dinghies and tenders which should not be tied to main docks. Please keep the end of ‘A’ dock free for floatplane access. There is a gravel and mud boat launch located at the south end of the marina. However, there is very limited storage for boat trailers. Anyone wishing to store a boat trailer must first contact the Station Manager.


      Four A-frame cottages are available for rent by Members. Cabins are equipped with kitchenettes, shower, utensils. Members must bring their own linen. Members should consult the Yearbook for rules (see bottom of page).

      Full cabin details here.


      There are two washers and dryers at the west end of the Washroom Building provided at no cost to members. Members should limit their use of the machines when others are waiting and promptly remove their laundry when it is finished.


      There is a small parking lot. Park in designated areas only. If the parking lot is full, please park along Scott Point Drive.


      Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed in the Pool or Pavilion areas. Owners must clean up after their pets. There is a park located at the Long Harbour Ferry Terminal, 600 metres away.


      In an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.
      Scott Point is a very dry place, especially in the summer and fire is always a hazard. There is no smoking anywhere on the property and members should inform guests and teenagers of the dangers from fire. Water barrels are located around the property and there are two Fire Pumps (Registration Shed at head of dock ramp and in the Pool Pump House). There is a fire department on the island.

      First Aid

      In an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.
      There is a First Aid kit, AED, and oxygen bottle on site located in the Station Manager’s office in the Pavilion. There is a hospital with an Emergency room located in Ganges.


      Even with a watermaker, water is a precious commodity in the Gulf Islands and must be conserved at all times. Please keep showers short and limit the amount of water when filling boat tanks. There is no boat washing at any time.


      Please use the washrooms located ashore. There is a separate building with ladies’ and men’s washrooms and two showers. There is an additional washroom, with bathtub, located in the Pavilion.


      The Pavilion is an area for relaxation and shelter from the rain. It has a wood fireplace as well as a small kitchen for use by Members and communal BBQs. Please clean up after use, wash all dishes and remove food from the fridge. Children should be kept under control.


      There are telephones located in the Registration Shed at the top of the main ramp and in the Pavilion. Please keep calls short. Long-distance calls are restricted to calling cards or operator assistance. The Station Manager does not take messages.


      The town of Ganges, on Ganges Harbour, is located 6 km by road, or a dinghy ride, from Scott Point. Located in the town centre are marinas, grocery stores, banks, pharmacy, liquor store, hardware, post office, car rentals, gas stations, shopping, restaurants and galleries.

      There are marine supplies and services available on the Island:
      Ganges Marina 250.537.5242 - Fuel
      Harbour's End Marine 250.537.4202 Outboards, general marine repairs
      Mouat's Trading Co. in Ganges - small boat accessories, fishing tackle
      Mid Isle Marine & Equipment 250.653.4020 - New & Used Outboard sales, boat sales, service & storage
      Save On Gas station (Fulford-Ganges Road) - Propane

  • Where is Scott Point
    • Where is Scott Point?

      This information serves as a guide only and is no substitute for proper navigational charts or data.

      Approximate Coordinates: 48.8434126 / -123.4519474,14

  • Rules For Scott Point
    • The General Rules for Offshore Stations apply with the following specific to station additions:

      1. Members shall not exceed five knots within Long Harbour and must always attempt to minimise their wake. This rule shall not apply to dinghies, provided they are operated in a quiet, safe, and courteous manner.
      2. In order to optimise safe use of the floats the following moorage restrictions apply:
        1. Floats A to G must be kept open for vessels under 50’ LOA until other docks are full; A is primarily used for tender storage.
        2. Floats H, J, and K must be kept open for vessels 50’ LOA and over until all other dock space is full;
        3. Members shall not leave vessels unattended overnight at the ends of floats A-K unless at the time of the member’s departure no other space is available;
        4. If vessels occupying the ends of floats prevent, or make hazardous, entry to vacant berths within they must, if requested, temporarily leave their mooring to enable the arriving vessel to safely moor, or alternatively move forward to allow the vessel to moor behind them. Vessels temporarily leaving may then return to their original berth.
      3. Vehicle parking is limited and therefore restricted to designated areas.
      4. Campers, house trailers, and motor homes are not permitted.
      5. Limited space is available for boat trailers that may only be stored at the discretion of the Station Manager.
      6. Cabins are available on a “first come” basis to Active, Associate, Intermediate, Special, and Life (collectively, “eligible”) members. Each eligible member may only book one cottage for a maximum of one week during the period of May 15 to September 15 and must be in attendance either in the cottage or a vessel under his or her control which is moored at Scott Point.
      7. Reservation request(s) for the period between September and June can be made directly through the Station Manager by calling 1.250.537.5033 for the upcoming calendar year. Reservation request(s) for the months of July and August are done by online lottery. Information on when the lottery opens and when the draw will be held will be announced by the Rear Commodore Offshore Stations in Seabreeze and via the electronic newsletters.
      8. For information and up-to-date cabin availability, check the Royal Van website at, log on, and view Scott Point Cabin Bookings under the OFFSHORE STATIONS tab.
      9. Members are responsible for payment for the reserved period unless a cancellation notice is received 30 days prior to the first date reserved or the cottage is re-rented.
      10. The Executive Committee will determine cottage rental rates. 
      11. No linen or bedding is provided.
      12. Cabins must be left clean and orderly.
      13. Members are responsible for all damages and shortages.
      14. The swimming pool is operated in the summer months during posted hours. No lifeguard is on duty and children must be supervised. Children who are not toilet trained are not allowed in the pool. Pets are not allowed in the pool area.
      15. No member shall wash a boat or replenish an on board water supply utilised for washing a boat using water from shore. Water supply is limited as it relies on a desalinator. Keep showers short and replenish water tanks responsibly as a courtesy to others.
      16. Garbage and recyclable materials must be deposited in designated receptacles. Garbage and recycle service is restricted for use by transient boaters moored at the Scott Point outstation.
      17. Three (3) tent pads are available on a first-come booking basis to Active, Associate, Intermediate, Post-Secondary, Special, Life, and Honorary Life members. Each eligible member may book one (1) tent pad for up to seven (7) consecutive days.
      18. Tents are not provided and the largest tent size the gravel-lined space can accommodate is 16’ x 16’.
      19. Tent pad area must be left clean and orderly.

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