Secret Cove

Secret Cove is an Offshore Station for members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club only and not open to members of the public. Please visit our Membership page if you are interested in becoming a member.

 Angus Straight
Part-Time Station Manager: Elissa Duke (located at Garden Bay)
Rear Commodore Offshore Stations: Don Vick

  • About Secret Cove
    • This outstation is located in the south arm of Secret Cove, 37 nm NW of Jericho Home Port.

      Secret Cove has a 350’ dock and is used mostly by vessels on their way to and from Desolation Sound or by those fishing around Texada and Lasqueti islands. There is fresh water for members to fill up their tanks, however please be aware of water restrictions, and power is available.

      There are flush toilets ashore and a freezer on the dock, as well as picnic tables, BBQ, and kayaks for exploring.

      The code numbers to open the locked doors is the year this outstation was acquired (please consult your Yearbook).

  • Secret Cove Important Information
    • Facilities in Secret Cove


      The Upper Deck at Secret Cove Marina is open between May and September. 1.866.885.3533.
      Rock Water Secret Cove Resort is 10-minute dinghy ride from Secret Cove outstation. Reservations recommended. 604.885.7038 or 1-877-296-4593.


      Buccaneer Marina & Resort - (604) 885-7888.
      Fuel, groceries, and marine repairs
      Secret Cove Marina - 1 (866) 885-3533
      Fuel, groceries, liquor store

      Marine Repairs & Maintenance

      Buccaneer Marina & Resort - (604) 885-7888
      Madeira Park Marina - (604) 883-2266


      The station is accessible by road: Go north on the Sunshine Coast Highway until approx. 16 km west of Sechelt. Turn left onto Brooks Road. When you reach Wescan Road, turn right. The address you’re looking for is approx. 9960 Wescan Road (but there are no numbers on the property). Follow trail at RVYC sign.

      NB: There is parking for only 5-6 cars on the side of the road. Approximate GPS Coordinates are: 49.527229 / -123.955209.


      Please observe all docking regulations as posted in the Yearbook.
      Power and water available.
      Please keep dogs on leash while on docks.
      Secret Cove is a NO DISCHARGE zone. Members must use their holding tanks or the washrooms located on shore up the path.


      Consult your chart before proceeding beyond RVYC docks, as depth shallows very quickly.
      The area around the inside of the north float is about 3’ at zero tide.
      There is also limited depth on the inside of the short end of the dock at low tide.

  • Rules for Secret Cove
    • Rules for Secret Cove (per 2017 Yearbook)

      The General Rules for Offshore Stations apply with the following specific to station additions:

      1. Members shall not exceed five knots within Secret Cove and must always attempt to minimise their wake.

      2. Please leave the premises in a clean and orderly fashion. Secret Cove does not have a permanent Station Manager.

      3. Report any damage, misuse, or potential problems to the Mayor or the Rear Commodore Offshore Stations as soon as possible.

      4. All garbage must be removed. There is no garbage collection.

      5. Two (2) tent pads are available on a first-come booking basis to Active, Associate, Intermediate, Post-Secondary, Special, Life, and Honorary Life members. Each eligible member may book one (1) tent pad for up to seven (7) consecutive days. Tent pads are raised wooden platforms; dimensions of each are approximately 10' x 10'.

      6. Tents are not provided and the largest tent size the space can accommodate is approximately 10' x 10'.

      7. Tent pad area must be left clean and orderly.


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