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Today's Lunch Specials
Find out today's delicious specials in the Marine Lounge

Wednesday Lunch Specials


Sushi Combo (Served Until 2 pm)

salmon avocado roll, tuna nigiri,
mackerel nigiri, chopped scallop nigiri  16


Lamb Burger
grilled tomato, shredded lettuce,

tzatziki, feta, brioche bun  14


Butler Steak

saffron risotto, salsa verde,

grilled asparagus  17


Salad of the Day
marinated lamb skewers, mixed greens, papaya,

sundried cranberries, strawberries, orange dressing  14

Sandwich of the Day
ham, bacon, provolone, lettuce, mayo,

toasted sourdough bread  13

Soup of the Day
cream of tomato and asparagus  4

Dessert of the Day
carrot cake, crème anglaise  6