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Today's Lunch Specials
Find out today's delicious specials in the Marine Lounge

Wednesday Lunch Specials


Sushi Combo (Served Until 2 pm)

salmon avocado roll, tuna nigiri,
mackerel nigiri, chopped scallop nigiri  16


Oktoberfest German Farmers Sausage

roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables, dijon,

sauerkraut, red wine demi  12


Halibut Fish and Chips
coleslaw, chipotle mayo, garlic fries  18

Pan-seared Ling Cod
mild thai curry sauce, stir-fry vegetables, crispy noodles,

toasted sesame seeds, fresh basil  16

Pasta Al Forno

roasted eggplant, mushrooms, arugula, chili flakes,

parmigiano-reggiano, fresh basil  14

add bacon and salami trio  2


Salad of the Day

marinated chicken thigh, mixed greens, feta cheese,

quinoa, tomato, dijon dressing  13

Sandwich of the Day
ham, bacon, provolone cheese, lettuce, mayo,

toasted multigrain bread  13

Soup of the Day
beef vegetable chili  4

Dessert of the Day
pumpkin pie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream  7


apple pie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream  7