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Today's Lunch Specials
Find out today's delicious specials in the Marine Lounge

Friday Lunch Specials


Sushi Combo (Served Until 2 pm)

salmon avocado roll, tuna nigiri,
mackerel nigiri, chopped scallop nigiri  16


Pork Vegetable Stir-fry
crispy noodles, red thai curry sauce, coconut milk,

sesame seeds, cilantro, kaffir leaves  17


Organic Beef Burger
double smoked bacon, old cheddar cheese, pickles,

shredded lettuce, tomatoes, dijon mustard,

toasted brioche bun  16


Seared Halibut
carrot parsnip purée, deep-fried brussel sprouts,

salsa verde, seasonal vegetables  19

Creamy Wild Mushroom Pasta
penne, peas, white wine, truffle oil, crispy basil  14


Salad of the Day
smoked salmon, arugula, chickpeas, cucumber,

dried cranberries, cucumber vinaigrette dressing  14

Sandwich of the Day
ham, egg salad, swiss cheese, lettuce, mayo,
toasted croissant  14

Soup of the Day
chicken vegetable  4

Dessert of the Day
chocolate caramel crunch cake, berry coulis  6