Eight Bells Club

The purpose of the Eight Bells Club is to commit the ashes of any deceased Eight Bells Club member to the sea.

The Eight Bells Club pays all expenses relating to the committal, and is afterwards reimbursed by the family for expenses in excess of $350.

Membership is open to RVYC members and others who are voted in by 75% of the membership at the AGM.

Currently there are approximately 240 members of the Eight Bells Club.

Membership fees (current as at March 2016)

Life Membership: $350 (and no other fees)

Entrance Fees:

$35 per person (age 54 and under)
$70 per person (age 55-64)
$140 per person (age 65-74)
$210 per person (age 75 and up)

Annual Dues:

$20 for a single membership
$35 for a couple

Eight Bells Club 2018 Executive

President: Eugene Fenton
Secretary/Treasurer: Larry J. Fournier
Directors: Phillip G. Little, John McCorquodale, Owen F. Wright
Ex-officio, immediate Past President: Frederick P.P. Turner

  • 3811 Point Grey Road Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3 CANADA
  • 604.224.1344
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