Garden Bay

Garden Bay is an Offshore Station for members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club only and not open to members of the public. Please visit our Membership page if you are interested in becoming a member.

: Karl Johansen
Station Manager: Elissa Duke
Rear Commodore Offshore Stations Don Vick

  • About Garden Bay
    • Garden Bay is a popular outstation located on the Sunshine Coast in Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, approx. 48 nm NW of Jericho Home Port. With more than two acres of waterlot there is approximately 1,900 lineal feet of moorage space, with shore power and ample fresh water for filling tanks and boat washing. Please be aware of boat length restrictions for moorage. On shore there is a pavilion with a full kitchen, television on cable, fireplace, outdoor barbecue, as well as laundry, showers, washrooms, an ice machine, and free Wi-Fi. Bicycles and kayaks are available for loan.

      A five-minute walk to the grocery and liquor store or a five-minute dinghy ride to Madeira Market Place, this station is a favourite stopover to and from Desolation Sound, and a destination for Sunshine Coast fishermen.


      Limited parking is available for Members’ cars only and at their own risk. If a Member’s car is to be left for an extended period, please inform the Station Manager and leave the keys with them. Limited space is available for boat trailers and they may only be stored at the discretion of the Station Manager. Campers and house trailers are not permitted.

      Internet Access 

      There are occasionally issues with the RVYC Wi-Fi availability, so the Garden Bay Station Managers should be informed of any issues. If there are many users on the system, internet speed will be adversely affected.

      BBX is the provider for wireless internet and users can set up pay-per-use accounts in addition to monthly or annual subscriptions. If Broadband service is unavailable, contact the technician at 1.360.961.2251.


      Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while on Club property. A perfect dog walk is located at Garden Bay Marine Park, a two-minute dinghy ride from the outstation. Dinghy dock available. The park has a very pleasant 10-minute loop.

  • Where is Garden Bay
    • Where is Garden Bay?

      This information serves as a guide only and is no substitute for proper navigational charts or data.

      Approximate Coordinates: 49.631527/-124.028649,15

  • Amenities
    • Tent Pads

      Please note Garden Bay does not offer Tent Pads.


      There is a children’s playground located behind the pavilion. Please make sure that all children playing on the playground are supervised at all times.

      Facilities in Garden Bay

      John Henry’s is an excellent store and is also a liquor outlet. Fuel is also available at the dock at John Henry’s.

      • Garden Bay Restaurant & Pub offers excellent meals in their restaurant and pub food is available in the pub and on the balcony overlooking our docks.

      • Laverne’s Grill (formerly Colonel Flounder’s) is a two-minute walk from the outstation and serves excellent meals.

      • Sundowner Inn is now open for lodging. Located across the street from Laverne’s Grill, it’s only a short walk from the outstation.

      • Grasshopper Restaurant is a short dinghy ride away just across the bay. There is a phone on the dock to connect you to the pick-up service that will get you up to the dining facilities.

      • Painted Boat is also accessible by dinghy with docks right in front of the dining area. They offer high-end dining and great service. Directions and current menu are at the notice-board at Garden Bay station.


      The 9-hole Pender Harbour Golf Club is located a 15-minute car ride from the outstation. It is a par 72 if the 9 holes are played twice from different tees. Green fees $20.00 per person (for 18 holes).


      There are three lakes within walking distance, and for the more energetic: a hike to the top of Mount Daniel.


      Fishing is not what is used to be in the Pender Harbour area, however, fish are still being caught by the patient and the diligent. Fishing supplies can be obtained from the friendly staff at John Henry’s.

      Marine Repairs & Maintenance

      Parts and service are available at Madeira Marine and at Pender Harbour Diesel (at the junction of Garden Bay Road and the highway).


      Please be advised that the RVYC Garden Bay dumpster is only for use by members temporarily docked at the Station for “boat garbage” only. Garbage and recyclable materials must be deposited in the appropriate containers located near the parking area. Disposal of domestic garbage accumulated at private residences is NOT permitted.


      Please observe all docking regulations as posted in the Yearbook. Power and water available.

      1. A First Aid kit is available in the kitchen of the pavilion. It is clearly marked with a red cross. Full kitchen facilities are available including a barbecue on the deck. Please make sure that anything used is properly cleaned and put away where found.

      2. If the pavilion is to be used after 2200 hrs (10 pm) the key should be requested from the Station Manager and an adult must be in supervision and responsible for locking up the pavilion.

      3. A freezer is available in the walkway outside the pavilion. Block ice and ice cubes are available. Please remember to fill in a chit.

      4. Showers and laundry are available free of charge. Please make sure that everything is left in clean condition.

      5. Please be sure to recycle all bottles, cans, etc. and put them in the appropriate containers near the parking area. Garbage bins are also available (see Note re. garbage)

      6. A Payphone is located in the walkway.

  • Rules For Garden Bay
    • Rules for Garden Bay (per 2017 Yearbook)

      The General Rules for Offshore Stations apply with the following specific to station additions:

      1. Members shall not exceed five knots within Garden Bay and must always attempt to minimise their wake. This rule shall not apply to dinghies, provided they are operated in a quiet, safe, and courteous manner.

      2. The main float where marked is reserved for vessels 60’ LOA and over until all available space is occupied. The outside of “A” float where marked is reserved for vessels 50’ LOA and over until all available space is occupied. Vessels under the specified length must move as soon as suitable space becomes available.

      3. Restrictions apply to vessels with a beam over 15’ that are mooring on the outside of the main float. The channel between the northeast corner of the marina (main float) and the adjacent Garden Bay Hotel float is narrow. See diagram for station layout and moorage restrictions.

      4. Members Only parking is limited to designated areas.

      5. Campers and house trailers are not permitted.

      6. Limited space is available for boat trailers and they may only be stored at the discretion of the Station Manager.

      7. The launching ramp is for use of members only, unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Rear Commodore Offshore Stations. If ramp access is locked, the key may be obtained from and must be promptly returned to the Station Manager.

      8. Garbage and recyclable materials must be deposited in the appropriate container located near the parking area. Garbage and recycle service is restricted to transient members moored at or near Garden Bay outstation. Disposal of garbage from other sources is not permitted.

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