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Welcome to Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

RVYC is a private club that welcomes Members of established yacht clubs outside our local waters, as visitors to our Clubhouse and Home Port marina in Point Grey. Your visit may include visits to our restaurant, bar & lounge facilities, and, if convenient, introduction to any Flag Officer on the premises at the time.

If you're planning to visit us, please bring a current membership card from your home club with you. A letter of introduction in advance of your visit would also be greatly appreciated. Upon arrival at the main Clubhouse, reciprocal visitors are asked to check in at the Front Desk. We hope you enjoy your visit with us!

Please note: The Coal Harbour Home Port marina does not have a Clubhouse or administrative services. Vessels need to contact the Harbour Master prior to their arrival at 604.688.4578.

Reciprocal Privileges Primer

Visitors by Boat

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  • General
    • Members and their guests are required to honour and respect the Clubhouse's rules and conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the expectations of a private club.

      As a courtesy to local residents, members and guests are reminded to please not park in areas designated "Residents Only" and when leaving Clubhouse property after 2000 hrs, to do so quietly.

  • Dress Code
    • The Club expects that Members and guests will be appropriately attired at all times. Designer clothing does not automatically constitute appropriate attire. Inappropriate attire includes, but is not limited to: tank tops, halter tops, crop tops, torn clothing (clothing with holes or frayed ends), clothing with offensive or profane language, and provocative or revealing clothing. Shoes must be worn at all times. Hats may only be worn on the patios.

      The following requirements must be observed:


      Jacket and tie for men (except on Friday nights when the requirement is a jacket, but no tie). Appropriate wear for ladies. Sunday buffet is business casual - no denim, no shorts. Jacket and tie are not required at the Sunday buffet.


      The west section of the Marine Lounge is intended to be a quieter area of the top floor with a somewhat elevated atmosphere. Business casual dress; no denim, work clothes, shorts, collarless shirts or running shoes.


      Neat boating attire at all times. No coveralls, objectionable jeans, brief or indecent shorts, or wet sailing clothes.


      Neat boating attire required at all times.

  • Parking
    • Underground Parking at Jericho Station is for Members Only.

      Any vehicle parked in a designated handicapped parking stall, but not displaying a valid window card permitting use of such a stall, is subject to being towed away at the owner's expense.

      Wheelchair access is via the grade through the entrance on the north side of the building, near the Star & Dragon.

      Vehicles parked in designated and marked fire lanes will be towed immediately.

  • Smoking
    • Smoking is not permitted within the Clubhouse premises or adjoining decks or stairwells at any time. On March 31, 2008, provincial and municipal legislation designated significant areas of the Club's exterior as Smoking Prohibited. The legislation effectively bans smoking on all Club decks, patios, and lawns, with an additional 6-metre Smoking Prohibited buffer zone around these areas and all windows, doorways, and air intakes. The legislation effectively eliminates smoking from 90% of all exterior areas of Club property.

      The bench along the south walk has an ashtray by it.

  • Cellular Phones / Wireless Devices / Computers
    • The use of cellular telephones for voice communications or audible pagers on Club premises (except on the docks) is not permitted. This applies to members and their guests. Private meetings booked with the front desk, behind closed doors, may allow cell phone use, and it is the responsibility of the meeting chairperson to provide this information to meeting attendees.

      These rules are adjusted from time to time, throughout the year. Any 'trial period' changes will be published here. The following specific requirements must be observed:

      Wireless Devices (Cellular Phones, Laptops, Tablets)

      Wireless devices used for communications by members and their guests are not permitted in the public areas of the Clubhouse. They may, however, be used within a private room.

      All wireless devices must be switched to silent mode, vibrate mode, or off. The use of "Wireless Devices" interferes with the relaxing and social atmosphere of the Clubhouse.

      The use of wireless devices for non-communicating functions (such as reading an eBook or sharing of photos) is permitted with reasonable discretion.

      No headphones are permitted to be worn to listen to any device except in private rooms.

      Use of the Club's internet for downloading or streaming music or movies is not permitted.

      Lower Level Jericho Clubhouse

      Wireless devices may be used in the lower level of the Jericho Clubhouse.

      The boardroom is intended to be a quiet personal space in which wireless devices may be used. Headphones must be worn and noise from headphones must be minimized.

      The Junior Room may be used by Junior members or persons under 19 years of age to view and/or listen to electronic devices with headphones. Noise from headphones must be minimized.

      Main Level And Upper-Level Jericho Clubhouse

      Wireless devices are not allowed in any area outside of a private room used for a private function. Club functions are not considered private functions on the main floor. Any device may be used in the telephone booth for calling, texting or emailing. All devices must be on silent mode, vibrate mode, or turned off.

  • Liquor Regulations
    • In accordance with the Liquor Laws of the Province of British Columbia, liquor or beer must be purchased in the Club and may be consumed in the Marine Lounge, the Model Room, Trophy and Fireplace Lounge on the main floor, the Star & Dragon and the Dining Room from 1100 hrs until 2400 hrs.

  • Minors
    • Minors are not permitted access to the Upper Level (Chartroom, Library, Jericho Room, Marine Lounge, Model Room, Billiards Room, the upper Sun Deck) of the Club.

  • What to See - Where to Stay - How to Get Around

The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club is one of the world's premier yacht clubs and one of the finest in Vancouver

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