Wigwam Inn

Wigwam Inn is an Offshore Station for members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club only and not open to members of the public. Please visit our Membership page if you are interested in becoming a member.  

: Jim Diggins
Station Managers: Mark & Sheena Venditti
Rear Commodore Offshore StationsDon Vick

Click here for the Wigwam Inn Information Brochure (3.15 MB PDF)

• Iceberg Cruise (February)
• Easter Cruise (March)
• Thanksgiving Cruise (October)
• New Year's Eve Cruise (December) 

  • About Wigwam Inn
    • Wigwam Inn is located at the head of Burrard Inlet’s Indian Arm, 18 nautical miles from RVYC's Coal Harbour Station and 24 nm NE from Jericho. It is an Offshore Station for members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and is not open to members of the public.

      The Inn provides lounging areas for RVYC's adults, a junior activity area, kayaks, washrooms, and hot shower facilities.

      The grounds have attractive gardens and hiking trails for Club members, and small boat trips can be made up nearby Indian River.

  • Wigwam Inn Important Information
    • Rooms (for members only)

      Rooms are for RVYC Club members only (and their guests). Members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club can make room reservations by calling Wigwam directly: 604.313.0640 or by emailing wigwam@royalvan.com. There is a 48-hour advance cancellation policy. The current rate per room, per night is $40, plus GST. 

      All the beds were replaced in 2004. Each has a mattress cover, bedspread, and pillows. Every one of the 12 rooms has its own 3-piece bathroom, window blinds or drapes. Guests are to provide their own linens and towels.

      Even numbered rooms are on the mountain side of the building, odd-numbered rooms are water side.

      Rooms 205, 207 and 209 have sliders opening onto the balcony. Rooms 202, 204, 206, and 208 have non-removable screens on all the windows.

      There is no maid service so members are to leave the room clean and tidy, with the floor vacuumed as a courtesy to other members.

      Dock Power (for members only)

      The dock has water, except in mid-winter, and the outlets are the 30 amp style for member vessels only. Generally, members can plug into two outlets to get an equivalent 50 amp service and the voltage will be close to 240 volts (our system is 3 phase). No boat washing.

      Hiking (for members only)

      There are three hiking trails:

      • A short loop behind the Inn
      • Up the south ridge of the canyon
      • Around the bay north of the old soccer field.

      The canyon trail is very steep at the top third and very slippery when wet. The “river trail” starts out easy but is very challenging by the end.

      There is a path along the creek all the way up to the dam. The edge of the road is very unstable, particularly in the canyon section. The whole canyon is a very hazardous area, esp. when it is raining. At the very least, children should be accompanied by an adult. NO swimming in the pool above the dam.

      Facilities (for members only)

      The Games Room has two table tennis tables with paddles, a fooseball table, a pool table, and a shuffleboard. There are two dart boards upstairs (but the darts often go missing, so if you like to play, bring your own darts).

      There is a wood burning fireplace in the main lounge, and thanks to the members who attend the Work Parties, a good supply of wood. Work Parties are held twice a year in April and October, if you’d like to join in.

      There are two gas stoves and two full-size electric fridges for use by members. There are also dishes and cutlery on hand for about 35 people, along with pots, pans, a microwave oven, coffee pot, and a range of utensils. There is a deep freezer for storing ice, but ice is not supplied. By the back door is a BBQ shelter with two propane BBQs. Wigwam tries to have propane on hand, but if you’re counting on having it, you’d best bring an extra bottle. Members are expected to scrape and wash the grills after each use.

      Water is supplied from either the creek or the well. Since it is not chlorinated it is officially not potable. Please boil it for at least 5 minutes before drinking.

      In summer, the water gets up to about 70°F and you can swim off the dock. Except for cruises, there is always room at the dock. There is 1,400’ of space, accommodating about 30 boats. Tides at the dock tend to lag Point Atkinson by about 1 hour. The water is often clear, but it does get cloudy with runoff and we have jellyfish season (of the harmless variety). Winds are lighter than in English Bay; in summer there is an afternoon breeze that can get up to 15 knots, but generally dies down mid-afternoon.

      Fine Print (for members only)

      The RVYC burgee must ALWAYS be flying on approach and vessel must be under the direct control of a member. If you are a new member of RVYC, your new member burgee flies in a lower position, but does not supersede the RVYC Club burgee.

      The member is responsible for the conduct of their guests (and any damage they cause).

      There is NO smoking anywhere above the dock by members or their guests. Penalties for non-compliance of any of these rules (listed in the brochure, online, and in the current Yearbook) can result in the loss of outstation privileges for up to one year.

  • Where is Wigwam Inn
    • Where is Wigwam Inn?

      This information serves as a guide only and is no substitute for proper navigational charts or data. Wigwam Inn is an Offshore Station for members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and is not open to members of the public. 

      Approximate Coordinates: 49.463872 / -122.8821877

  • Rules For Wigwam Inn
    • Rules for Wigwam (per 2017 yearbook)

      The General Rules for Offshore Stations apply with the following specific to station additions:

      1. Members shall not exceed five knots north of Croker Island and must always attempt to minimise their wake as this area has been designated as a “no wake zone”. This rule shall not apply to dinghies, provided they are operated in a quiet, safe, and courteous manner.

      2. The outside of the main float directly in front of the Inn where marked must be kept open for vessels 60’ LOA and over until all other floats are occupied. Vessels under the specified length must move as soon as suitable space becomes available. Otherwise, the prevailing southerly wind may cause large vessels to overload the pilings.

      3. Vessels 60’ LOA and over must attempt to utilise this area ~ see Rule 2, provided space is available but they may dock elsewhere during settled conditions.

      4. Smaller vessels must relocate to make room for larger vessels when necessary if space is available elsewhere ~ see Rule 2 above ~.

      5. To respect other members and their guests, quiet time in the Inn is in force between 2200 hrs and 0800 hrs. Exceptions to this rule must be requested in writing to the Rear Commodore Offshore Stations.

      6. Rooms may be reserved by Active, Associate, Intermediate, Special, Life, Hon. Life (collectively, "eligible" members) by calling or emailing the  Wigwam Inn Station Manager directly. Rooms may be occupied by guests or members; however, the reserving member must be in attendance during the rental period.

      7. Members are responsible for payment for the reserved period unless cancellation notice is received 48 hours prior to the first date reserved or the room is re-rented.

      8. Room rental is limited to seven nights at a rate determined by the Executive.

      9. Without prior written approval of the RC Offshore Stations there is a three room (six person) limit on rentals to each eligible member.

      10. No part of the Inn shall be used for sleeping other than the bedrooms. The Inn is for the use and enjoyment of all members. Groups must be courteous and limit their use of common areas so as not to interfere with the use and enjoyment of others.

      11. No linen or bedding is provided. Maid service is not part of the Station Manager’s job description.

      12. Members arriving at the Inn and using the rooms will be asked to sign a registration form. Members failing to leave the rooms or other facilities in a clean and orderly condition will be charged a cleaning charge, which may include the cost of the Club employing a third-party cleaning service (plus transportation to and from the Inn).

      13. The main commercial kitchen shall only be used for Approved Cruises and for meals that are part of the organised programme. A member may obtain approval for use of the commercial kitchen for a private event from the Rear Commodore Offshore Stations. The Cruise Chair or approved member is responsible for supervising the cleanup and ensuring the kitchen is left clean and the utensils properly stowed. Keys required to activate the gas supply can be obtained from the Station Manager.

      14. Kitchen facilities at the south end of the main kitchen are available for individual members. The facilities must be left clean and orderly.

      15. The Station Manager has control of the generators, furnaces, and refrigeration units. Members must not interfere with their operation.

      16. During slack cruising periods it may be necessary to ask the Station Manager to start the generator to provide 30 amp power to the floats.

      17. All garbage must be removed. There is no garbage collection.

      18. There is a ban of all open flame above the docks at Wigwam which includes all areas of the Inn. This includes tea lights, candles, and food warmers, with the only exception of barbecues in the designated area, and the fireplaces. Penalties for those not complying to be the same as for smokers. General Rule #49 provides details on penalties.

      19. No member shall wash a boat or replenish an on-board water supply utilised for washing a boat using water from shore.

      20. Two (2) tent pads are available on a first-come booking basis to Active, Associate, Intermediate, Special, Life, and Honorary Life members. Each eligible member may book one (1) tent pad for up to seven (7) consecutive days.

      21. Tents are not provided and the largest tent size the space can accommodate is 10’ x 10’. The approx. 16' x 16' area is lined with gravel. 

      22. Tent pad area must be left clean and orderly.

      Proceed with caution when rounding the north end of the floats at low tide as there is a gravel bank extending out from the shoreline.The area around the north float is about 2’ at zero tide (even after dredging).

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