Tugboat Island

Tugboat Island is an Offshore Station for members of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club only and not open to members of the public. Please visit our Membership page if you are interested in becoming a member.

: Richard Hancock

Station Manager: Kitt Stringer
Rear Commodore Offshore Stations: Don Vick
Click here for the Tugboat Island Information Brochure (1.91MB PDF) 

Commodore's Cruise (May)

  • About Tugboat Island
    • About Tugboat Island

      Tugboat Island is located in Silva Bay on Gabriola Island, 24 W NW of Jericho Home Port. There are over 2,500 linear feet of moorage plus a separate dinghy float/breakwater. Power is on the docks and water is available on a limited basis.

      The dock shed has a sign-in book, a bulletin board with local information, and a freezer for making ice and freezing fish. Emergency equipment (fire extinguisher, fire blanket, emergency pump and rescue ladder) are on hand. A fish-cleaning table, dinghies, kayaks, and paddleboards are available as well.

      The clubhouse on shore has full kitchen facilities, freezer, dryer, and a deck with barbecues and a glorious view. Emergency medical supplies (oxygen, defibrillator, First Aid kit including EpiPens) are located inside the clubhouse.

      A table tennis hut, children’s play area, a horseshoe pit and basketball hoop are in the playing field behind the clubhouse.

      Flush toilets and showers are located under the Clubhouse. Further flush toilets are located just off the playing field.

      Since its purchase in 1960, the island has been preserved in its natural state and has many interesting nature trails, tidal pools, and wildlife. Deer, raccoons, otter, mink and a multitude of birds frequent this island.

      There is an active programme to protect the native species of trees and flowers. Details of the Garry Oak Restoration Project are in the clubhouse and members are welcome to contribute.

      Smoking is not permitted ashore.

      No garbage facilities are available on Tugboat Island. Details of the current disposal at Silva Bay Marina are on the bulletin board.

  • Tugboat Island Important Information
    • Transportation

      Gulf Island Seaplanes

      Call 1.800.665.2359 or 250.247.9992 to reserve.
      Email: info@gulfislandseaplanes.com
      Web site: www.gulfislandseaplanes.com

      Gabriola Taxi


      Gabriola Ferry Terminal

      Offering scheduled service between Nanaimo and Gabriola Island’s Descanso Bay. Crossing time is 20 minutes. Contact 250.753.9344 for information or visit www.bcferries.com.

      “Gertie” - Gabriola’s Community Bus Service

      Check the bulletin board in the dock shed for details.

      Checking in with Home

      A phone for local calls is available at the top of the ramp. Please limit the length of your call, as it is an extension of the main Tugboat Island number.

      A Note Of Caution

      There are two large shoals between the registration shed and the airplane float. At a zero tide, there are only 1½ to 2 feet of water. This area is clearly marked by two large orange floats reading: “Caution Rock Keep Clear”. Each float is located directly over the pinnacles of the reef, but due to the tides, the floats are over the reef.

  • Where is Tugboat Island?
    • Where is Tugboat Island?

      This information serves as a guide only and is no substitute for proper navigational charts or data.

      Approximate Coordinates: 49.1487438 / -123.7029884

  • Services
    • Services

      Silva Bay Marina

      Operates a marina and provides on-site access to marine diesel and gas.
      Tel. 250.247.8662 / Fax. 250.247.8663
      Email: info@silvabay.com
      Website: www.silvabay.com

      Page’s Resort & Marina

      Operate a marina, campground, cabin rentals, as well as a book & chart store. Also offer both scooter and bicycle rentals. Marine diesel and gas available 0830-1830 hrs. All services are year-round.
      Tel. 250.247.8931 / Fax.250.247.8997
      Email: mail@pagesresort.com
      Website: www.pagesresort.com

      Silva Bay Shipyard

      A full-service shipyard with a marine ways and a Travelift for all your boating needs and repairs.
      Tel/Fax: 250.247.9800
      Email: info@silvabayshipyard.com
      Website: www.silvabayshipyard.com

      Gabriola Medical Clinic

      Serving the community by providing two full-time physicians. Call 250.247.9922 for information.

      Twin Cedars Veterinary Services

      Call 250.247.9185 for information.

  • Rules For Tugboat Island
    • Rules for Tugboat Island (per 2017 Yearbook)

      The General Rules for Offshore Stations (especially #30 regarding pets and #49 regarding smoking) apply with the following specific to station additions:

      1. Members shall not exceed five knots within Silva Bay and must always attempt to minimise their wake. This rule shall not apply to dinghies, provided they are operated in a quiet, safe, and courteous manner.

      2. The west side of the outside float where marked must be kept open for vessels 60’ LOA and over until all other dock space is full. Vessels less than 60’ must move, provided other suitable space becomes available. Members must graciously cooperate, although it may result in the loss of a view or a blockage of the evening sun.

      3. The inside of the north breakwater dock must only be used for tender storage and moorage of boats with limited windage not exceeding 24’ LOA. Strong northerly and southerly winds blow frequently in Silva Bay. Many pilings securing the floats are not deeply driven due to the nature of the bottom. Therefore, it is important to minimise the stress on the floats (See rules 3 & 4).

      4. The centre float is to be used only for “stern to” moorage.

      5. Extra effort must be made to close gaps and keep dinghies out of the way.

      6. No member shall wash a boat or replenish an onboard water supply utilised for washing a boat using water from shore. Water supply is limited as it relies on a desalinator. Keep showers short as a courtesy to others.

      7. Parties and noisy activities in the pavilion must end by 2200 hrs, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Station Manager by a responsible adult member.

      8. Two (2) tent pads are available on a first-come booking basis to Active, Associate, Intermediate, Post-Secondary, Special, Life, and Honorary Life members. Each eligible member may book one (1) tent pad for up to seven (7) consecutive days. Tent pads are raised wood platforms; dimensions of each are 10' x 10'.

      9. Tents are not provided and the largest tent size the space can accommodate is 10’ x 10’.

      10. Tent pad area must be left clean and orderly.

      For General Rules, please refer to your Yearbook.

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