Club Leadership

  • Executive Committee
    • Elected on November 28, 2019
      For contact information, please call the Club at 604.224.1344.

        Commodore David Doig
      Vice Commodore Peter Wealick

      Past Commodore Mark Webber

      Rear Commodore Coal Harbour Craig McKeen

      Rear Commodore Jericho Brian Angus

      Rear Commodore House Amber McLennan

      Rear Commodore Offshore Stations Don Vick

      Fleet Captain Cedric Burgers

      Staff Captain Bruce Littlejohn

      Executive Officer Intermediate Program Peter Wright

      Honorary Treasurer Ron MacKenzie

      Honorary Secretary Gord Lamont

      Honorary Solicitor Ian Donaldson

      Honorary Juniors' Advisor Robert McLean

      Executive at Large:
      Theo Arsenault
      Uwe Hildebrandt
      Michelle James
      Kimberly Kaplan
      James McDonald
  • Junior Executive Committee 2019-20
    • Elected October 2019
      For contact information, please call the Club at 604.224.1344.

      Junior Commodore:
      Paula Levy

      Junior Vice Commodore: Forster Buttery

      Junior Fleet Captain: Ethyn Ko

      Junior Secretary: n/a

      U-14 Representative: Mia Boguslavsky

      Junior Past Commodore: Henrik Moberg Parker

      Communications Officer: Charlie Boettcher

      Junior Executives at Large:
       Natasha Macklin, Ross Thompson, and Matt Young
  • WRVYC Executive Committee
    • Elected October 2019
      For contact information, please call the Club at 604.224.1344.

      President: Anne Lamont

      Vice President: Catherine Palmer

      Past President: Kendra Downie 

      Treasurer: Maya Mulherin

      Secretary: Carol McLennan

      Communications/Website Update: n/a

      Directors: Pika Buck, Victoria Holmes, Sarah Horn, Stacey Nixon, Barb Schmidt, Randi Vick

      Archives: Catherine Palmer

      Standing Committee Fashion Show: Catherine Palmer and Kimberly Ballantyne

      Special Projects: Kim Ballantyne, Catherine Palmer, Danielle Roberts, Emma Stevens

  • Vision and Values

      The purpose of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (RVYC) is to promote yachting, seamanship and fellowship among members. RVYC is a member-funded society, funded by its members to carry on activities for the benefit of its members. On its liquidation or dissolution, RVYC may distribute its money and other property to its members. 


      To be one of the world's premier yacht clubs


      The following values are embraced by the Club's members and their families:

      • Courtesy, respect, tradition and integrity
      • Seamanship, skill in navigation and safety on the water
      • Competitive excellence and sportsmanship
      • Community service and volunteerism
      • Sustainability and stewardship
      • Cooperation with other yachting organizations


      • To promote yachting, including power and sail
      • To provide training in yachting, seamanship and racing, including youth and Olympic development
      • To advance opportunities for cruising
      • To proactively communicate with the members and stakeholders
      • To manage the Club's resources in a responsible manner

  • 3811 Point Grey Road Vancouver, BC V6R 1B3 CANADA
  • 604.224.1344
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