Race Team

The RVYC Race Team boasts some of the best sailors in the country.

Members of our Race Team are of all ages and experience levels. We therefore race in regional competitions, as well as National and Continental Championships, WS World Cup events, and even in the Olympic Summer Games.

Our Race Team members are given a great experience through competing, meeting new people, and learning the sport of sailing that can be enjoyed their entire life. Anyone can learn and have fun with this sport.

If you are interested in joining, contact the Head Sailing Coach at raceteam@royalvan.com. If you want to see what they get up to over the course of the racing season, visit the Race Team's Facebook page.

For Race Team members who travel internationally and have been members of the team for longer than 12 months, you may apply to the Corinthian Fund by carefully completing the appropriate forms and submitting them to the Sailing Director. Contact the Sailing Department (sail_dir@royalvan.com) for information on forms and deadlines.

N.B. In order to be a member of the RoyalVan Race Team, you MUST be (or be in the process of becoming) a member of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.
If you are training and/or racing with the RoyalVan Race Team and have NOT gone through the membership process, see your coach or the Head Sailing Coach, Al Clark.

Our Race Team and some of our athletes maintain sailing blogs and/or Websites. Check them out!

Royal Van Racing's Facebook page
Kyle Martin on Facebook - Finn Sailor
Fillah Karim on Facebook - Laser Sailor
Ryan Wood and Andrew Wood on Facebook - 49er Team

If you are a member of the Race Team and a link to your online presences is not listed here, email us and let us know where people can find you!
Include us in your Social Media strategy - if you send out newsletters or bulletins of any kind, let us know what you're up to so we can help spread the word!

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